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PRODUCT DETAILS: For oral use only

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Stanozolol is a classic anabolic steroid with
Stanozolol as the active substance. The drug became popular among athletes due
to a significant increase in lean body muscle mass without fat, and improving bone
calcium supply.
The active ingredient of the drug – Stanozolol, developed as early in the middle
of the twentieth century and was used primarily in the medical environment.
Towards the 70s, under the trade name Stanabol (also found the name Winstrol),
drug companies began to produce a steroid for the needs of professional sports.
The drug has anabolic effects of testosterone by 320% and mild androgenic
activity (30% of testosterone).

Stanozolol effects:
• increase quality of muscles;
• increase athletic performance and endurance;
• stimulation of an early withdrawal of fluid from the body;
• increased appetite;
• increased libido.

How to take Stanozolol:
The following restrictions shall be taken into consideration during the preparation
of the Stanozolol cycle:
• The maximum duration of the cycle should not exceed 8 weeks.
• Take necessary dosage by 30 to 50 milligrams per day.
Standard cycle during drying (bodybuilder) makes use of the drug daily, at a dose
of 30 mg. Athletes, swimmers and other athletes who are focused on endurance,
should not exceed the recommended dose for more than 10-20 mg.
The drug can be administered to women (up to 10 mg per day) as Stanozolol is
one of the least toxic anabolics without exhibiting estrogenic activity at moderate
use and not accompanied by edema and gynecomastia.
Before you buy Stanozolol, remember that the use of steroids by competing
athletes is not possible, because it can be detected by disqualification
Commission, within one year after the last cycle. The duration of action of the
active susbtance is on average up to 8 hours.

Stanozolol Combination Cycles:
Stanozolol should be combined with drugs that stimulate water retention, to avoid
the pain in the joints at regular trainings. The drug can be combined with
Testosterone (Testosterone Suspension, Propionat 100, Enantat 250, Cypionat
250) intake for improved efficiency of gaining muscle mass. But you should
remember about controlling the level of estradiol. Together with Stanozolol you
can buy Oxymetholone and Methandrostenolone (buy Dianabol).
After the cycle, it is desirable to take PCT drugs. It should be noted that the most
effective for the prevention of side effects (liver damage, dermatological
problems, loss of hair and others.) are those antiestrogens like Clomiphene
Citrate (buy Clomid) and Tamoxifen Citrate (buy Nolvadex).

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.